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About Michelle
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Headshot photo of Michelle Botelho.

Michelle Botelho is a Christian Conservative who studied government and law before serving in various public sector capacities. She taught children and worked with the elderly.  She believes in the values, principles, and freedoms which have shaped this great nation and intends to safeguard them for generations of American prosperity.

My Campaign

No More

Feeling Safe Is The 
Foundation of


My Mission

Government Responsibility and Accountability

  • Prioritize a logical and responsible budget

  • Focus taxpayer funds on American prosperity instead of destructive agendas

  • Identify and cut wasteful and activist spending

  • Promote transparency to restore integrity to government offices

  • Hold government officials accountable for corruption and irresponsibility

Economic Prosperity

  • Facilitate energy independence to create jobs and lower costs

  • Refocus resources on fiscally responsible initiatives for long-term economic prosperity

  • Incentivize small business growth to encourage job creation and gainful employment

  • Cut regulations and red tape hampering American ingenuity and industry

National Strength

  • Refocus our military on priorities for American prosperity and strength

  • Address the Chinese threat to American security, industry, and society

  • Secure our southern border to discourage illegal immigration

  • Empower law enforcement to protect our communities

  • Restore consequences for criminality to uphold the integrity of our justice system

American Values and Liberties

  • Fight radical activism and anti-American ideology in government and the public sector

  • Protect women’s identity and spaces, especially in sports

  • Defend the health and wellness of children, both born and unborn

  • Safeguard 1st amendment rights by fighting government and Big Tech censorship

  • Prevent authoritarian policies and mandates which restrict constitutional liberties


  • Refocus public education on core subjects

  • Remove radical cultural indoctrination and activism in public schools

  • Invest in practical education like trade and vocational schools 

  • Prioritize transparency and parental involvement in schools

  • Safeguard parental rights in education

  • Expand educational access and opportunities for families

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